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  • Mog40

    im Lawri from Melbourne.
    I've owned more 40's then i can count over the last few years and had 3 registered that were all my daily drivers.
    I've recently sold the "yellow40" to fund my new build that is just getting underway.

    here are a couple pics of my previously owned FJ40s


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    here are a couple more pics of my most recent trips
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      my new project "MOG40" is still in very early stages. the plan is....
      Fj45 chassis
      4 link front and rear 110" wheel base
      hybrid MOG404 / 9" diffs, disk brake/ 6 stud conversion
      LS1 powered through a 6L80e (6sp auto) atlas 2sp
      37x14 IROKS
      hydro steer

      Hope everyone enjoys and contributes positively as this build takes shape.


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        Originally posted by MOG40 View Post
        here are a couple pics of my previously owned FJ40s

        Did this have the big block v8 in it? It looks familiar.. can't figure out if its the same one that Brooksy has (cept his was a SOA BJ42 with 3B).


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          this one has a stroked 429ci ford BB, it was an absolute monster!!! at 60kph it would spin all 4 39.5" swampers when you planted the foot!!!
          it has since been turned into a ratrod40 with an independent front end and now runs nitrous after a serious rebuild.


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            bought a cab for MOG40 today. got to grab it from a mates in shep later in the week. its a late 83 fj45 ute cab thats rust free.
            ill get it sand blasted then into etch prime ready for plenty of cutting and shutting.

            a little work machining the MOG hubs today, by the end of the week i should have all 4 done and ready to reassemble and then get busy on welding flanges to the 9" housings.

            once this is done ill be getting pretty close to linking her up, ordered heims from RUFFSTUFF in the states couple days ago. probably gonna make "dummy up" arms until I'm 100% happy with all the geometry.

            hoping to find a few hours over the next month as everything seems to be falling into place pretty good ATM.

            here are a couple pics of the diff progress

            BTW, I'm very interested in your opinion and input. this is my first build of something so in-depth. cheers!!
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              a little more info on what the reasons are for building the hybrid diffs,

              - firstly mog404 diff centres are mounted centre of the housing (within 80mm) causing issues with sump clearance.
              - secondly, with the added reduction in the portals the overall input of the diffs (input - output is 7.56* i think?
              - thirdly they are damn heavy and very wide

              the reason for choosing a ford 9" is due to the vast option in gearing options, reverse cut gears and the availability of all parts.

              *keep in mind that the portal hubs have 2 gears in them => reversing the drive.
              To overcome this the 3rd member needs to flipped to drive the axles in reverse so that the wheels turn forwards.... this creates problems with oiling the pinion. with suggestions i have already been given of a friend who has also built his own portals i have a plan to overcome this problem.
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                The previous photos show the flanges off the MOG housings, i cut these off and then machined to fit over the 9" axle tubes.
                once i have determined the track of the vehicle, caster angle and pinion angle these will be tacked in place and then the portals can be bolted on.
                at this point axles can be measured, cut and machined to fit the 9" 3rd member.

                at this point of the project I'm waiting to finish off the disk / 6 stud conversion before i can go any further as i won't be able to determine the track.
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                  Loving the idea of this build. I'm a big fan of mog diffs and have always fantasized about seeing them on a 40..

                  Excuse my noob question but the portals add a lot of torque to the drive train.. with the change of the 3rd member to a 9" make it weaker than the stock 3rd member? That would mean this would make it the weak link?

                  Were the mod diffs locked when you got them? They would be cable activated if so?

                  and lastly.. interesting tech with the diff centers running in reverse, never knew that


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                    quite the opposite actually, with the gearing in the portal box 2.13 it actually halves the torque on the driveline, and with a torque converter on the auto included it should be a bullet proof driveline.
                    I plan to run 3.0 gears in the 9" centre this will give me an overall gearing (input - output) of 6.39, slightly more usable then the 7.56 standard. when you include the 1:1 high range in the atlas and the 2nd overdrive in the 6L80e i will achieve a reasonable top gear capable of speeds well over 100kph and a low range that will be almost unusable. i think for most slow speed obstacles i will be crawling in 3rd gear.

                    this gearing is not 100% set in stone and I'm still yet to confirm diff gears, at the moment this seems to be the best combination.

                    yes the mogs came with cable operated diff locks, these are for sale if anyone has interest? they seem to be only good for scrap metal in AUS


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                      order arrived from RUFFSTUFF today, very exciting.
                      time to start working out my calculations for the links, I'm thinking this will include a few nights of head scratching and frustration.
                      i know of a few different link calculators that will be used to help.
                      my confusion is in regards to how much extra separation i need to run in between upper and lower links to be strong enough to take the extra forces from the portals.

                      any suggestions or links to other threads?
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                        A little update on the disk brake / 6 stud conversion,
                        ill firstly make note that the concept for this conversion was developed by a friend. it has been slightly adapted for my specific application.

                        the MOG hubs are the perfect size to be machined down to the same size as a cruiser hub. another piece of high tensile steel will then be machined to slot over the top to give a flat mounting face for the rotor then wheel.
                        once this is done they will go onto the mill for the stud pattern to be machined.

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                          That's some really nice fab work. Great to see.


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                            Check out this post : Might give you some help in regards to what you need to consider when it comes time to setup your suspension. Also has a serious brains trust as well in this area and are aussie based so you should post up your query there.


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                              cheers guys.
                              hoping to be making some serious progress in the next 2 months