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    cab from a mate in Shep last week and got her stripped to a bare tub.
    slight amount of rust in the drivers floor and A pillars.
    the plan is to remove the dash and A pillars and incorporate a custom/ A pillars into the roll cage.
    IMG_2261.jpgIMG_2284.jpgIMG_2286.jpgIMG_2289.jpgpicked up my new 45
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      Ive had a 45 chassis sitting around a while now waiting for this project.
      cut all unused brackets and mounts of the chassis then sent it of to get sand blasted. painted it in etch prime.
      checked the fit of the late model cab on the early chassis, rear cab mounts i will need to make and all is sweet.
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        so apparently early chassis have different rear cab mounts to late model 45's... picked up new body mounts out of a 60S this arvo and found a set of front chassis mounts that a mate had chopped out of an old junker.
        getting up way to early tomorrow as the cabs getting sandblasted during the day and then ill etch prime and hopefully mount the cab in the arvo!
        the 40 bug has bit me hard this time.


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          been way to busy working on the 40 to post an update over the last week.

          cab has been blasted and etch primed.
          new cab mounts are done and cab is bolted.
          seat frame has been built and seats mounted.

          next is to build a rolling frame at bump height, aprox 500-550mm and start prepping for mounting driveline.

          ill keep the updates and pics coming
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            incase anyone runs into a similar problem with mounting a late model cab to early chassis, i found that front cab mounts off a late model chassis work almost perfect.


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              Looks like an awesome build mate...any updates?