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IronPaw's 1984 PHAT42

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  • IronPaw's 1984 PHAT42

    Well I must of royally screwed something up this morning. Somehow I deleted my build thread.. oh well.. now nightly backups are in place I'll be figuring out how I did it before I start again.. all good though!


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    In the beginning there was a new Rav4 and it was my first new car. A car my folks thought would be a good start for me seeing as I'd expressed interest in 4wding. But wasn't the 4WD I was looking for.. so being friendly with a Toyota dealer they organised the test drive of a Getaway edition 4Runner for me. They thought this might be a better choice for me and while I thought it was OK I wasn't convinced.. I was to learn later it had a cracked chassis so I potentially dodged that bullet.

    Thanking my folks for their efforts I began to think about what I wanted longer term.
    - my budget was sub 10k having had to a new Rav4 previously ($30k off the lot).
    - I wanted something reliable and simple to work on
    - good for water crossings (leaning towards diesel)
    - 4 banger rego
    - relatively modern with 5spd, power steer, a/c and disk brakes
    - unique looks

    Naturally a late model BJ42 seemed to tick all the boxes.. After testing driving quite a few (4spd, mega lifts, v8's) I found a 1984 BJ42 in good condition for $5k in 2003.


    I was quite lucky with this find.

    It came with:
    - a 2nd set of wheels/tyres
    - Power Steering
    - 5 Spd
    - Disk Brakes up front
    - A/C
    - Recaro's
    - Factory Roll bar
    - Factory soft top to go with roll bar
    - Fresh 2" lifted Blue Max branded suspension.

    All that was left to do after purchase for rego was:
    - new 31 Cooper AT's on split rims
    - Mod plate for change in seats and the roll bar.


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      Being a boy scout in my younger years one of the first mods I made (apart from the new stereo) was a Hi-lift, Jack Mate and kaybar windscreen mount.

      The idea with the hi-lift is that it could be used as a hand winch at a pinch if I really needed. The other thing about the Jack Mate is that it turns your hi-lift into a clamp or expander..

      I also sourced some Hella Rallye 4000's to light up the tracks on those night drives.

      A 100AH AGM battery and Safari Snorkle for those deep water crossing and fresh air:

      Oh and stereo:

      Work sent me over to Utah for 3 weeks and while I was there I ordered a Tuffy center console and snuck it back home in my luggage..


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        Looks very tidy.
        1973 fj45 collecting parts for buildup number two
        1984 hj60 donating parts for the fj45
        1994 ce100 diesel corolla dd


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          so for most of 2004 I was out hitting the tracks to get familiar with my new daily driver..

          out at Mt Mee
          And sundown National Park
          Cooloola National Park:
          Bribie Island:

          In May of 2004 I had a mate in Victoria who was getting married, so I took that opportunity to go on a bit of a road trip. Another of my mates from Brisbane also drove down earlier in his Hilux. My mrs flew down and met me there. I packed up 2 weeks of gear and supplies for the drive down. After the wedding, my mate an I took our time getting home and came back via the Vic High Country..

          One of the perils of driving the high country without a chainsaw.. on the way out from our first nights camp.
          All we had was an axe (which we broke the head off of not long after starting), a hand winch and a brush saw.. Lets just say the brush saw got a hell of a work out (as did we) to saw through the felled tree.


          The highlight of the trip for me was climbing up Mt Pinnibar at dusk to get there just after sunset. On the way there my clutch was getting dodgy.
          ^^ Mt Kosiosko in the distance..
          Driving through snow.

          .. anyway.. the climb up to the summit was intense with the 40 struggling momentarily on a little ledge on way up. We then started the trek down to Tom Groggin.. at night, in the wet, with a dodgy clutch. That is the most intense wheeling I have EVER done. I kept having to give it some gas on the way down due to the 40 getting crossed up between washouts.. 1st Low and with AT tyres.. it was some intense driving.. then at the bottom we get to the water crossing in the dark not being able to see the other side or know how deep it is.. We made it out and found a motel at Cooma to stop for the night.

          On the way out of Cooma the next day I get a flat, then figure out my clutch slave cylinder has gone on the drive so I leave my mate to drive on ahead while I pull into Camberra, get my clutch slave cylinder/Master replaced, spare patched up and get back on the road in time to meet up with my mate later that night.

          All in all it was an epic adventure..


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            Its very nice I likey lots
            A HJ47 that puts johnny cash's psycobilly caddilac to shame


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              After surviving that trip.. I went down to Rover park for Outerlimits 4x4 Wild Weekend #2

              Here we are trying out the hi-lift as a hand winch

              Towards the end of 2004 I sourced some play tyres for my 2nd set of rims. 33x10.5r15 Simex Jungle Trekker ]['s were bought.


              What better way to break in new expensive play tyres than a long road trip!! 2004 concluded with a trip down to Pebbly Beach for New Years Eve and another visit to Rover Park on our way home..


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                With the addition of the 2nd set of tyres I decided to make use of the A/C compressor for on board air to help with airing up, air tools when changing tyyres.

                So I was lucky enough to have factory A/C when I bought the 40 but but in 2005 I wasn't lucky enough to know what it was worth. It had never worked for me even though everything was there to make it work and when I think back now all it seemed to need is a few seals and a regas and it probably would of been fine.

                So when the time came to sort out on board air I naturally used what i had and went about setting it up with the factory air compressor.

                First steps was to locate a suitable tank. I visited a truck wreckers and found an air tank with enough fittings and would be able to fit under the rear of the 40. The tank had a drain cock, pressure release value, input and and output. I think 3/4" air hose was used from the air compressor all the way to the tank and out to the accessories. This was purchased for about $25.

                Next things on the list were ensuring there was a way to add oil to the air compressor so it wouldn't seize up. The A/C gas contains a lurbricant but when its just pumping air it needs to have some oil through it. I opted for an SMC Oiler for the intake side of the air compressor.

                On the output side of the air compressor a one way value was added so not to put too much pressure on the pump with a full tank.

                Next was the oil separator. By using an oiler you also needed a oil separator to remove the oil prior to it reaching the tank. I found another SMC oil separator which would perform this.

                After this a pressure switch was added so that it could turn on the A/C fan clutch automatically depending on the pressure in the tank. I think it was set so that when the pressure in the tank was about 120PSI it shut off but when it dropped below 90 psi it would kick in again.

                On the dash I had a switch to a relay that would turn on the pressure switch. The pressure switch had several ports, one of which ran to a gauge which was next to the steering wheel so I can check how its going.

                Thats the basis of the system. It worked awesome to air up tyres as well as run a rattle gun to help with swapping tyres over, that was until I lost a tyre due to stretching the wheel nuts with the rattle gun.

                The best thing I liked about it was that if you had a few cars, you could up the hand throttle and the A/C would work even harder and it didnt have a duty cycle at all.. well it did.. 100%!


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                  More trips.. this time out a Purga out past Ipswich


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                    Since I was running a soft top all I had for a tailgate at the time was a bit of plywood painted black. This wasnt really function except for stopping stuff falling out the back..

                    So when I saw two piece early model tailgate for sale I picked it up..
                    And here it is in use on fraser!


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                      Did some wheeling out at Black Duck Valley 4wd park..

                      Got a 2nd hand front bar from DAZ:

                      Spent 2 weeks on Fraser Island:

                      Spent the end of July down at Rover Park for Brass Monkey 2.

                      And drove down to Emu Creek to watch a Tough Tracks round.

                      And trying out looks with no top:

                      And with the hard top


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                        Now for a while I have been fiddling with a custom suspension setup. It was based on stock second hand springs and took a bit of trial and error to sort out.

                        Before all of this I was running 2" lifted springs with extended shackles.

                        Firstly I started on the rear. My mate upgraded the suspension in his 60 so I got his leaf packs and got the rears with the load leaf taken out.

                        Here you can see the top leaf pack being the 2" lifted bj42 pack, and under that is the 60 series rear pack with the load leaf removed.

                        With it in it ended up pushing the rear diff back 2.5". But this made it sit a lot better in the wheel well. You can see there isnt much left in the drive shaft. Added to this the brake line needed extending.

                        Unfortunately with just the 60 pack it meant the shackle angle was a bit too flat and it needed at least another leaf in the pack. However It meant droop was good.


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                          The answer to the fixing the too soft spring pack was to insert some more leaves. So I found some from a 75 leaf pack. The ones I chose were the 3rd and 4th longs (you can see they are a different color in this photo:

                          This resulted in a heaps better shackle angle (of which I dont have photos of). To round out the mods, at this point in time, on the rear end, I piggy backed another 40 series brake line to the existing flexible hose to extend it. I also sourced a 55 series front shaft and got that cut down to make a longer rear tail shaft (not sure by how much though).

                          With the rear all done it was time to move onto the front end. For this I used a combination of 75 series packs as well as my 40 packs. Here is a photo of the mixed packs. The first 2 longest leaves are from a 75 pack, the rest are from a 40.

                          From memory I found this was a little soft so I added a 3rd longest leaf from the 75 pack. and this ended up with a better stance.

                          Again this moved the diff forward 2.5" and I extended the brake lines by piggy backing flexible lines together. I found an 80 series front shaft and had this cut down to suit with the flanges swapped over from the 40 drive shaft.


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                            bugger... forgot where I was up to with this..

                            Anyway.. some changes to the 40...

                            Got a hard top and full doors.

                            Got the rear springs reset to fix a saggy bum

                            Did a bit of over due maintenance.. fit a 82deg c thermostat, got the tunes wired.. Also fit a different spring to the injector pump as per this:
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                              Back with the build thread..

                              Anyway... not long after modding my suspension I had a mate come visit me and we went out to ormeau on boxing day..

                              not long after I got the PTO winch mounted up and all sorted.

                              When went out to Levuka to suss that out for new years for the first time.

                              Got the soft top sorted..

                              And some more wheeling