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  • The EFJ40

    Ray185's 40 Series Build Up.

    Once upon a time (2004) I bought a 1975 FJ40 with a rusty floor for next to nothing.

    I decided to take the farm gate off the front and head up the beach, that thing weighed a tonne and it felt like I had power steering!

    I made a simple bar for it and took it out to Ormeau again.

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    I decided it really needed some 35s and a body lift. I also put a hoop and some lights on the bar.

    Suspension travel was a bit of an was my mediocre ability to pick a good line!!

    This issue would have to wait as I decided the rattling barn door was far more annoying. The answer was to build a drop down tailgate for something to sit/stand on and add some very controversial rear quarter covers for protection against grazes as I'd had a few...


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      So I fitted a rear locker and wheeled the piss out of it but flex was obviously still an issue:

      Even though articulation was negligable it went really well (the locker helped) and so I guess I got a bit cocky and ended up doing this:


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        After purging the oil out of the cylinders I fired it up. Once the smoke screen cleared I strapped the bonnet down and drove the hour or so home down the highway with some very perplexed looks from other commuters.

        Luckily insurance paid for the damage (windscreen and frame, bonnet, left guard and support panel - pretty lucky really). I chose to flick the panel beater some extra cash and get him to flick some paint over the rest of it while it was there.

        So this is what it looked like after it was repaired.

        It was then that I decided that something needed to be done about the driveability and stability of the 40 so I planned some changes.

        I bought a rusted out but mechanically perfect 60 series and swapped over the power steering system onto the 40 including the steering column. Manual steer in a 40 on deflated 35s is a bit of a task and while the workout was welcome, some situations were just dangerous without fast steering response. I'd have to say the power steering swap is probably one of the best things you can do to a 40 with bigger than standard tyres.

        Along with the steering I fitted 60 front disc brakes with master and booster, 60 rear brakes with handbrake and 60 5 speed and transfer. I also had my rims cut and flipped which gained me a 4" track increase.

        To get the suspension working a bit better I removed 2 leaves out of the front pack and got some raised 60 rear springs (the ones on the donor 60 were shagged) and modded the rear hangers to suit (I did also remove 2 springs out of the 60 packs to get it soft enough). The 60 rear springs moved the rear diff back a couple of inches and with the longer 5 speed box it ended up being the perfect length for a 60 propshaft in the rear. I had a double cardan propshaft modded to fit the front.


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          Using the 60 series steering column gave me tilt steering adjustment which was great! But seeing as I now had all the switching on the column it also meant that my headlights, wipers and hazard switches were no longer needed on the dash. This left a few empty holes all over the dash which was a bit of an eye sore. Since I had just got a front locker fitted I decided to make up a switch panel to keep them all together neatly. This is what it looked like and how it ended up.

          A toolbar was knocked up to fit in the back to house the relocated battery (due to power steer conversion) and to house all my tools/recovery gear. It also gave me a place to mount my spare tyre as carrying a 35 around on the carrier meant a bit of overhang and seemed to get in the way more often than not. The carrier mounts are still there for longer trips when storage space is needed though.


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            I Decided it was time for a tyre upgrade and got a great deal on a second hand set of 35" BFG Krawlers with second airs (5).

            35x12.5R15 BFG MT vs 35x13.5R15 BFG Krawler:


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              Now I was pretty fond of the 2F, it was on LPG too so I didn't have any dramas with the carby on off camber stuff. My plan from the beginning was to replace it with a V8 though if it ever gave me any serious trouble.

              This is what you would class as serious trouble...

              A loose fuel jet in the holley came adrift and a couple of ball bearings proceeded to make their way into the combustion chambers and make sweet love to cyls 4, 5 and 6.

              I looked at V8s and the costs were daunting when I factored in the cost of a rebuilt (was hard to find one that hadn't been flogged) so I started looking at inexpensive, plentily available and relatively torquey engine options. I decided on a Falcon EFI 6cyl and bought this.


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                I installed the motor using a Dellows conversion bellhousing and made up a fuel system with a lifter pump, custom surge tank and VL turbo high pressure pump.

                I had an electrician mate wire up the factory ecu using as much of the stock harness as possible. There was an obstacle in overcoming the factory immobiliser but that was sorted with a bypass fairly easily.

                Life was good, I was really enjoying the torquey falcon motor and the joys of EFI. Next on the cards was the 6 point cage for a bit more protection should the shyte hit the fan.....again!


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                  So I did some more wheeling...


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                    And some more wheeling.


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                      Interesting build. Love a black 40
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                        Then I was asked to participate in a photoshoot and article by what was then called 4WD Monthly.

                        091025Toyota40Ray062 (Large).jpg091025Toyota40Ray004 (Large).jpg


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                          I had often pondered about making sliders but had never been in a situation were sill damage was an issue. I clearly wasn't pushing the limits far enough. Inevitably I munted a sill on a decent rock and decided to cut a couple of inches off the sills and make up some sliders.


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                            Aaahh.. the mammories! Did you get the reduction gears out of the 60 wreck too and have you still got them in your 40?


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                              Originally posted by ironpaw View Post
                              Aaahh.. the mammories! Did you get the reduction gears out of the 60 wreck too and have you still got them in your 40?
                              Oh yeah, thanks for reminding me. I've missed a couple of things. At some stage prior to the engine swap I scored a great deal on a 60 box and transfer with marks 55% reduction gears installed. I swapped the gears out of that case into mine and sold the box and transfer with standard gears. Massive difference.

                              I also ripped out and sold the LPG system as the mixer was a big restriction in the intake and I hated the loss in power it was causing. This was far from a daily driver for me so fuel consumption was never a real consideration. The whole reason I installed it originally was to remedy the carby problems when driving angles. I hooked the LPG system to the falcon motor because it was there but being EFI, angles were no longer an issue. Out it went.

                              More to the story in a little bit.
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