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Do you have a Love/Hate relationship with your 40?

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  • Do you have a Love/Hate relationship with your 40?

    I've had my angry tyres on since the december trip out to Janowen hills and since then only really drive the 40 once a fortnight.. but since then I noticed its become a bit squirrelly under brakes as well as needing a bit of correction to work a wobble out of the whole car. The swampers are never really balanced along with the flat spots after sitting a while I thought it was just then.. Anyway a long story short along with that and a bit of a higher water temp issue I'd been getting a bit tired of the old girl and not wanting to drive it cos it was a bit of a handful..

    Well today I swapped over my 31" cheese cutter AT's and in the process found a bit of play in my front u-bolts, checked the wheel bearings and only found 1-2mm play in one side and a loose steering dampener bracket. I also splashed out on a new radiator cap and some coolant concentrate..

    now after taking it for a test drive theres no more wandering on the road or struggling to keep it under control and the temp stayed between 180-190f when pushing up some hills instead of up to the 200f it was doing. I also did a bit of a 80-100kph run and it just cruised along, one hand on the wheel not a care in the world.

    Its amazing how giving it a bit of your time can identify and allow you to fix tiny little things that affect your overall driving experience and can take it from hate to love in such a short time..

    Anyway.. do you have a love/hate relationship with your 40?

    (disclaimer: lame attempt at padding out general chit-chat)

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    I just hate the big drives to get somewhere cool in wa, hot, noisy yeah you know what I'm talking about but when you get on the beach or cruising around town the love comes back they turn heads everywhere


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      Everyone loves a 40 Mr_toyoda. I have had a love hate relationship with mine in the past but these days I always love her but sometimes get over working on her and leave it for a while before I fix something and then I get keen to do a few things again. Hard to find time with a family as you guys know.


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        well after doing 400km's today through patchy rain mostly at 100kph... I'm in love again.. the 40 did great and didnt loose hardly as much coolant as it used to..


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          Good stuff. I drove mine up to Toowoomba today, was a good drive. Just need to work out a way to make it a quieter ride.


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            I have a love affair with my 40 but it creates a hate relationship with my wallet
            A HJ47 that puts johnny cash's psycobilly caddilac to shame