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lronPaws Dream build - family hauler

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  • lronPaws Dream build - family hauler

    from a few years in I've been adamant that I wouldn't be selling my 40 but recently with daily driving its been getting me down a bit. Its a rough, noisey ride that doesn't handle the best. It kicks ass offroad but on-road its got a bit left to be desired.

    The turbo'd 3b on the heavy tyres is pushed without an intercooler, its only a 2 seater so I can't take the family camping and its got several other shortfalls for my needs at the moment. If we were to go anywhere camping once I get a 2nd row in, it would be slow going as we'd need to tow all our crap with us..

    In brief here's my DREAM list for the family hauler:
    - 80 running gear with chassis/coils all round: this will offer the most flexibilty going forward for many years and is relatively simple to modify)
    - Mid wheel base: I love haivng a shorty on the tracks due to the tight turning radius and minimizing panel damage. Anything smaller than this wouldn't be able to accommodate a back seat and limited cargo space.
    - 15B-FT engine: This engine is the last of the 4cyl B series and therefore the most advance and powerful. More torque than a 1hdt its found in Coast buses and Dyna light trucks. This engine should have more than enough power/torque when turbo'd (and possibly intercooled) to satisfy our hwy/camping/towing/wheeling needs.
    - 4 door: with 2 kids and possibly more later, it is not practical to load up kids into a baby seat in a 2 seater. That way we need 4 doors.. Dual cabs are cool but too long for me. This is a daily driver!!
    - Tube fenders and sliders
    - Full cage for hard wheeling, with the kids
    - PTO, On board Air
    - enough room to run Swamper Q78's (36")

    Thats it for the moment but I'll add more as time comes.

    Volcanic Iceburg from ih8mud Posted up a cool 2d sketch of what I'd like to aim for.4_DOORFJ40.pln[1].jpg

    I am wondering if the possibility of doing a body swap of a troopy cut down onto an 80 chassis with the above 15b-ft and 5speed (or A440F Auto) would be suitable to engineer in Tasmania.

    This is close as what I can think it might look like:

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    Awesome bobbed troopy on an 80 chassis:
    P3290537 (1).jpg

    The above HDJ44 belongs to a Czech Mila Janacek.. His build up thread can be found here:


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      I'm very interested in the bobbed troopy on the 80 series. may be a bit hard to engineer in QLD but would be a weapon when done!!
      A HJ47 that puts johnny cash's psycobilly caddilac to shame


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        Lucky I'm not in Queensland!! Although a mate has a HJ47 on an 80 Chassis, so should be do-able..

        I think with a 3" Flexy suspension kit it would be more than capable out on the tracks..


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          Would be a weapon. I hear the early 80 chassis is the go so you don't have to comply with the later model safety features like air bags. Not sure when intrusion bars in the doors came in. Billy would have lots of info for you no doubt when the times comes.


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            I would like to find a way to incorporate a second set of doors to it maybe or the other idea is two bucket seats as the second seats with a space between them.
            A HJ47 that puts johnny cash's psycobilly caddilac to shame


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              I think that the shorty design would work best for me ( besides I have 95% talked the missus into she needs one ) just gotta find space, time and money to be able to
              A HJ47 that puts johnny cash's psycobilly caddilac to shame


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                Lawrence Southwards rig will be a beast. Have you guys seen the pics of it? Pretty sure he only posts on the original 40 series page these days though.


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                  Hey Laurie,

                  I remember seeing Lawrence's build using a VDJ chassis, haven't seen any recent progress.. last I saw it was cab off the vdj and it was a roller+engine... definately would be a beast though.. still the 14b/15b appeals to me more over the vdj, more proven engine, but his setup sounds like an easier build... cab + chassis == win!


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                    Yea he is widening the 40 body by 50mm to suit the motor, give more cab room and also help cover the tyres. Not 100% sure but i think he got jack of the way a certain page was being run and removed his build from there. He has put the VDJ on a 80 chassis which is away getting modded. He is making his rear doors square and it will look like a 4 door troopy from what i understand.


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                      It's going to be a great rig but he's posting up little snippets which I often miss so it's hard to fill in the gaps. I suggested he start a build thread on here that he could just copy his Facebook updates to so its easy to follow but he declined and said he has a build thread somewhere else. If anyone knows where it is I'd love a link.