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Hj47 coming along nicely . ( Lone Stranger )

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  • Hj47 coming along nicely . ( Lone Stranger )

    Not doing to bad for an old fart. Still going round . Not as strong as when I retired 16 years ago but still moving . The HJ47 now has new Generals on Steel wheels ( one piece rims not split ) a five speed gearbox and a professionally rebuilt 2H - a LSD rear and I am considering an E locker front diff I installed Power Steering and it works well. Has a new tray (Chasis is a bit longer now to fit the 5 speed. ) I managed to find an alloy bull bar that did not need too much modifying. I have a set of rock sliders on now and I am still waiting for the Fiberglass Cabin Mudguards
    etc etc. I was told in November that there were 2 ahead of mine . Hope it is on the workshop floor and not held up by the festivities Xmas and new year .Should be close . I am working on the 2nd battery set up . I have a CTech Dual to run it as it takes a Solar panel and uses pulse charging and MMPT . Lots to look forward to. Wife died in September last year . Hard to get on with life . Some Bastard ( worker at the nursing home ) stole the wedding ring off her finger during the day she died as she was under Morphine and only staff would know she was not just asleep.
    I do not have much faith in humanity now unless they have a 40 series . Thanks to you guys I have been able to do as much as I have. Got me through the first Christmas alone after 45 years married.
    Thank you all for the wonderful info you provide . My HJ47 will probably last another 33 years . Wish I could Long as I could drive my 40.
    Regards From the Lone Stranger. Ps I will try to get the Registration plate " TONTO" or SILVA .Always ready to listen to suggestions .
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    Glad we can help you bud. Im sorry to hear about your wife. Its always good to have a project to work on and look forward to and focus on. If you need anything dont be afraid to ask mate.😀
    A HJ47 that puts johnny cash's psycobilly caddilac to shame


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      I think SILVA would be good so you can say HIHO SILVA!!!
      A HJ47 that puts johnny cash's psycobilly caddilac to shame