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  • Brake upgrades

    Taken from the 40 series facebook group this collection of mods are to provide improved braking performance of your 40 series..

    Original post here:

    Fj62 or fj80 double dia booster, fj80 master , hilux ln106 or hzj75 calipers, fj45 1.3/8" rear wheel cylinders , fj80 master bolts directly to a 60 booster , fj80 and fj62 boosters after 87 are the same so will bolt where a 60 booster does , 87^ 60 master and fj80 master look identicle except the 80 has a 1" piston rather than the 60s 7/8 , lnl06/hzj75 calipers bolt up with minor triming of the backing plates and depending on wheel dish might need minor clearancing on the cooling fins , the 1.3/8 wheel cylinders bolt in where the 1" 60 ones are and even out the braking giving a little more on the rear if you have a 60 rear
    Fj80s or early 80s had a drum rear just had larger calipers , the calipers look to be the same as the 89-97 hilux and hzj75 drum rear landcruiser calipers but i wasn't 100% on that , rear drums ,wheel cylinders and booster are exactly the same as the 87^ (quad headlights ) 60s , masters look identicle externally , internally the fj80 has a larger piston
    Ln106 hilux, amongst other models are a bolt in upgrade to twin 40mm piston
    v6 surf/4Runner calipers are bigger and that they bolt on to have you heard or read similar

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    PN 4473160020 for factory brake booster spacer..