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Who are you? Purist or Modder

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  • Who are you? Purist or Modder

    Which side of the fence do you sit on?

    Are you the guy polishing your stock hub caps on your original split rimmed cheese cuttered 40 running stock steering and suspension and rear bumperettes? The kind guy that turns your nose up at the idea of a non Toyota engine in a 40 or God forbid, checkerplate!!!??? Do you even know how the locking hubs work?

    Or are you the kind of guy that thinks there is nothing more beautiful or gratifying than a lifted, locked, mud tyred, pimped out and barred up 40 that flexes for days and has battle scars that tell tales of an adventurous life that extends far beyond the local maccas carpark and a weekly preening ritual of hand washes and "Just washed the 40......again" selfies.

    Much respect to whichever side you reside. Tell us your story!

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    Not sure which side of the fence I sit on.. definately not a die hard purist and I wouldn't consider myself a full on modder.. more a practical sort who just wanted a 40 that performed "above average". Nothing extreme... just a bit better on the tracks than out of the box while still being able to safely drive on the road..

    Little did I know that above average performance would put you at the mercy of above average angles and potential/eventual damage... this led me down the path of bar work to try and reduce the constant repairs to body work i'd need to be making if i left the factory fenders on...

    This somehow made its way to practicality with quite a few mods ive done adding to extending the 40.. on-board air, rear bar to name a few..

    so i'm gonna say i'm a fence sitter.. :P happily respecting both camps, just happy to see 40's getting out about on the road, maccas carpark and tearing up the tracks..


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      I am a little of both. I love a very nice and well looked after 40 ( not a splitties and cheesecutter fella i prefer sunraysias and 31's ), but at the same time whats the use of having it gorgeous and being afraid of getting a stone chip/ bush pinstripe. While i drive a fairly modified 40, i am also a diesel head and will take a 2H over an 350 anyday. I enjoy and respect both camps but believe I am in camp practical
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        Im definately a modder. My cruiser is testament to that.. not much on it is original.