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  • SWB Custom Budget Suspension Part 2

    SWB Custom Budget Suspension Part 2

    The answer to the fixing the too soft spring pack was to insert some more leaves. So I found some from a 75 leaf pack. The ones I chose were the 3rd and 4th longs (you can see they are a different color in this photo:
    This resulted in a heaps better shackle angle (of which I dont have photos of). To round out the mods, at this point in time, on the rear end, I piggy backed another 40 series brake line to the existing flexible hose to extend it. I also sourced a 55 series front shaft and g...
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  • 60 Series Steering Upgrade

    60 Series Steering Upgrade

    60 Series Steering Upgrade. Some info on what is required to upgrade your steering to use 60 series steering box and remove the relay rod the 40 uses. This is one way of doing this mod

    Disclaimer: This is a guide on how to install 60 series steering into your 40 series. As with any mechanical work associated with critical functions of your vehicle you make all modifications at your own risk and acknowledge that you are liable for any damages you might cause yourself....
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